Gispa Musicians one quick photo at the skatepark beside Gulf Islands Secondary school on Salt Spring Island ©

Way back in 2012, these were the GISPA musicians in Bruce Smith’s class. I’d seen them in action on stage during the GISPA year-end performance. They were in the background, unlit, at the back of the stage performing their live sound tract (original compositions).

Only somewhat visible to the audience, they were not only flawless, but some of them rotated through two or more instruments during the show and did voice solos.

About the image above: While visiting the school (Gulf Islands Secondary on Saltspring Island) in late June, I popped into the music room to get a few images of the students at work. While there, Bruce asked me if we could do a quick group photo.

We all walked over to the adjacent skatepark where Bruce and the students positioned themselves for a one minute shoot.

Technical: on the short walk over to the skatepark, I had ample time to select a camera lens and adjust the camera settings. ( Canon 1DX Mark IV and 50mm lens, 1SO 800, shutter speed 1/500 sec, aperture f/4)

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