Farm Field

Farm on Isle View Road ©

This is a photo of a farm field. I believe it catches your eye because of the very low camera (phone) position and the contrast between the two parts: the detailed pattern of the brown cultivated field and the blue sky with interesting, soft cloud formations. And the 1/3 top, 2/3 bottom image layout keeps you looking at the image.

Also, the low angle view from the camera helps lead the viewer up through the image to the horizon line (that’s a red barn on the horizon). Lastly, the huge depth of field (no pun intended) in this image may keep the viewer looking at the details.

Technical: phone on automatic, held close to the ground, ISO 50, shutter speed 1/2450 sec, aperture f/2.2

A second image near the other bottom corner of the field (from the Lochside Trail):