Bog Trail

Light tunnel on the Rithet's Bog Trail ©

This image was taken along the northern portion of the Rithet’s Bog Walking Trail on a clear, bright July morning (facing the rising sun). This ‘tunnel’ effect can be seen best on a sunny summer morning.

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Technical: Automatic iPhone 14 Pro Max, ISO 200, 1/60sec, f/1.8

Note: The exposure range of very bright sunshine to deepest shadows was huge. The phone tried hard, but was not able to automatically do the job with a single shot.

This is however, completely possible by:
1. mounting the ‘camera’ on a sturdy tripod
2. shooting several images from over exposed to under exposed without moving the camera
3. blending several (or many) images into one image in software

I did this using professional cameras on every photoshoot of houses for builders, realtors, home owners and occasionally with products.

It is possible on modern phones and additional software and hardware, but likely not worth the time for most people…

Below is another view of the Bog minutes later, from the trail very near the tunnel image above.

Technical: Automatic iPhone 14 Pro Max, ISO 64, 1/450sec, f/1.8