The Gulf Islands ©johncameron

Websites with things observed and images created.

The photos on this website are a combination of new and previously published images.

Structurally, there are actually two websites presented here.

Both are examples of observing the world around us and creating images from those observations.



This website, a new, smaller, much faster version of johncameron.ca, now that both the photographer and the previous version of the commercial site—are officially retired. I live on south Vancouver Island now, but am still running on Salt Spring Island time.

Note: the dates under each image on the PHOTOS pages indicate either when a new image was first published or when a legacy image was republished.



A legacy website, Salt Spring Photos which was a fun daily look at Salt Spring Island…by a saltspringer… for nine years—with more than 3000 photos—pretty much all of which I believe remain good examples of daily camera observations.

It is my hope that browsing through photos on these websites might help those looking to start/continue creating images.

About the photo above:

This is a summer view from East Point, Saturna Island. One of the gems of BC’s Southern Gulf Islands. And a good example of seeing with a camera.

There were a few folks out to see the sunset on this gorgeous day. As the sun dropped behind the mountains, they immediately headed home.

Had they stayed around for another 30 minutes or so after the sun went down, they would have witnessed the colours transform and become far more saturated, the patterns on the water between Saturna and Tumbo islands ‘pop’, and the mountains of the other Gulf Islands become well defined silhouettes.*

*This is not an unusual event: photos shot well before sunrise—or well after a sunset are normally the most striking… just remember to be sure your camera is solidly mounted to handle the longer exposure times. -jc

One more thing:

Waiting for the Crofton-Vesuius ferry.

I first recall carrying a camera about 1970; film of course. Then working with the university newspaper and yearbook. Since then I’ve always had a camera close by.

And as of July, 2023 I have retired from all my jobs but continue to be an observer and visual learner every day. I’m working on this casual website, renovating a home, and enjoying our most excellent family and delightful granddaughter.

Thanks for visiting johncameron.ca and the archive site saltspringphotos.com

Keep observing and making interesting images!